89. 3 Warning Signs To Buying A “Lemon” Home In Laguna Hills CA

We buy houses in Laguna Hills California. We are homebuyers in CA, and we offer cash for houses in Laguna Hills. You have found what appears to be the perfect home–either for investment purposes or to move in–and you really want it. However, this is a time when your head should definitely control your heart when intellect should override emotion. You need to take the time to make sure that in Laguna Hills you don’t purchase a “lemon” home.

For one thing, sellers usually don’t reveal everything they’re selling about a property, just what they need. So it’s up to you, the buyer, to find out all you can, to inspect outside, inside and underneath, and everywhere. Below are some warning signs that you should be looking for.

3 Warning Signs To Buying A “Lemon” Home In Laguna Hills CA

1. Plumbing Problems In California

This is critical because problems with plumbing can go on undetected for years. Because these problems are not always immediately apparent, they can cause some very serious and expensive damage to be repaired.

For example, a small leak within a wall in a water supply line can continue for a long time before the damage becomes visible. And that damage may include rotting, spongy flooring and subflooring, mold and mildew, damaged drywall, and termites (such as damp and moist areas) after months or years. So watch for water stains, spongy or sloppy floor spots, and mildew–all signs of plumbing problems.

Even worse, when you wind up in Laguna Hills buying a “lemon” house, sewage lines are issues. All sinks and washrooms should drain well, and there should be a strong flush in the toilets. This should be a strong warning sign if you find any problems here (especially because sewer lines have not been upgraded for many decades in some areas). Major repairs can run up to $25,000 to $50,000 with septic tanks and sewer lines.

2. Faulty Roof (And Roof Clues) In Laguna Hills

The roof issues are often a sure sign of other areas ‘ problems. For example, if you see three layers of shingles and vegetation sprouting in the gutters, this is a pretty good indication that in other ways the owners have not taken care of the property.

Check for broken or missing shingles or tiles, which may result in leaks from the roof. And the thing about a roof leak is that the water doesn’t just fall straight down from its first access point into the house Sometimes, before finding a way into the home, the water flows down the roof and sometimes to the floor. It can even run down within a wall, and thus remain undetected for a while, causing unseen damage.

And watch out for spots in a roof, as these signals damaged decking at best and at worst damaged rafters or trusses – and this is about as “lemony” as you can get. A new roof can run from nearly $10,000 up to $30,000, including tear-off and installation of new decking where needed.

3. Shoddy Renovations And Improvements In CA

The warning sign that you really need to consider is shoddy or slapdash repairs and upgrades to purchase a “lemon” home in Laguna Hills. If you see that only one wall has been painted (obviously hurriedly and not very tidily), this is probably an indication that the seller may have covered up something she didn’t want you to see, water stains or mildew. In such a case, you have to give it the odor test and look around in the drywall for saggy ceilings and strange-looking areas.

Poorly laid tiles may not be a huge deal in the bathroom – re-doing would cost you just a few hundred. But it will cost you more than a bad job to lay parquet floors in a large area. And if you’ve done a big deck or driveway wrong, well, then you’re talking about thousands.

Sell My House In Laguna Hills CA

Buying a home always has a risk factor in it, but if you pay attention to these 3 warning signs to purchase a “lemon” home in Laguna Hills, you can keep the risk to a minimum. If you think you need to sell your house in CA to buy a new home, call Premier Property Buyers. We are your local California home buyers and we can help you.

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