130. Do You Need to Prepare Your House to Sell To A Direct Buyer in Covina CA?

We buy houses in Covina California. While similar in many respects, different types of selling channels still require different kinds of marketing and differences in sales preparation. So is there a need for you to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer in Covina? We are homebuyers in CA and we have prepared this article for you.

Do You Need To Prepare Your House To Sell To A Direct Buyer In Covina CA?

Sure, you do – but not always at times. Most direct buyers are often going to purchase a home as-is, but in this case, you usually don’t get the best price.

Therefore, some simple preparatory work will help you get a better price when selling to a direct buyer who wants to make a good investment return.

Direct Buyer’s Point Of View In California

Very often direct buyers are investors in real estate, and their sole reason for buying a property is to make a profit. So from their point of view, look at your house. Looks like a good investment? The answer will determine if you need to prepare the property to sell to a direct buyer in Covina.

And so, yes, making some minor improvements and repairs will make your home more appealing to a direct buyer. Just don’t spend a ton of money on renovations. In fact, studies have shown that most of the time major renovations won’t return as much as they cost for any sale. The biggest mistake most sellers make, therefore, is to spend far too much capital in home maintenance and upgrades – money that can not be recovered from the selling price.

So let’s see what you can do to make your house look like a good investment for a direct buyer, conveniently and inexpensively.

Curb Appeal Of Your Covina Home

What does a buyer see when she looks at your property for the first time? Obviously, the outside. And it can do a lot to improve the curb appeal and make your house look like a better deal. For starters, you might change the paint on the front of the house (the most obvious aspect), remove custom yard ornaments, or make some minor landscaping. Other inexpensive things you might want to consider to boost curb appeal include:

  • Installation of a new mailbox
  • Installation of new house numbers
  • Updating the front door hardware
  • Maintenance of the front porch according to the season
  • Pressure washing facilities

None of these items are very labor-intensive or very costly, but they are going to help a direct buyer understand that your home can be a good deal. It will also convince buyers that no significant, cost-prohibitive upgrades or improvements are required in the property.

One-Room Painting In Your CA Home

If you’ve thought of preparing the home to sell, then one painting would always come first to mind. And how accurate the drawing should be? Not really extensive.

Although most of the rooms in your house may need repainting, you can optimize your painting effort while keeping down costs by painting only the most significant, most observed room (or rooms). Buyers usually take a closer look at the master bedroom, kitchen and/or entrance. Just painting one of these can do a lot to make your home look better and well looked after. Whether any or all of these important rooms and areas are vibrant, tidy and freshly painted, the impression of the entire house by buyers will be improved.

Sell My House In Covina CA

Will you ready your home to sell to a Covina direct buyer? At least making some preparation is probably a good idea. Only plan the prep work carefully, look at everything from the point of view of the direct buyer, and don’t sink into it too much money. If you think you need to sell your house in CA, call Premier Property Buyers. We are your local California home buyers and we offer cash for houses in Covina. You can sell your home as-is to us!

To discover even more about successfully selling to a direct buyer, give us a call at (714) 475-7526 or fill out this easy form.

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