141. Getting Your Land Ready For A Sale In Aliso Viejo CA

We buy houses in Aliso Viejo California. If you’re a landowner in Aliso Viejo, you might have been thinking about selling the land instead of paying the high property taxes year after year. Usually, the demand for people looking for land is much smaller, so it is important to make your land to potential buyers as attractive as possible. We are homebuyers in CA and we’ll talk more about some things you can do when you get your land ready for sale in Aliso Viejo in our latest post!

Getting Your Land Ready For A Sale In Aliso Viejo CA

One of the most important aspects of selling your land in Aliso Viejo is to prepare the lots for potential buyers to see. The good news is that, as opposed to selling a home, there’s actually not a ton of work to do. There are other issues that you should certainly consider, however.

Is The Property In California Easily Accessible?

Even if the property is in a rural location, you’ll want to make sure it has a very good access route. Although you might not mind a few bumps on the road, you’re going to want to let potential buyers get to the property without a flat tire! The better the road’s quality, the better it will look to people viewing your land. If the road to your property lasts for miles, if it’s dirty at the moment, there’s no need to pave the whole thing. There’s still a lot you can do, though. Use crushed rock where necessary, fill any holes, and level any bumps.

If the road to your land in Aliso Viejo is to be maintained by the county in which you live, now is the time to call them and let them know very politely if some maintenance work is to be done. Many of these smaller roads would often go unrepaired if no one calls for complaints. Be vigilant and ask for the road to be repaired if it is damaged.

Clean Up ANYTHING That Makes The CA Property Look Junky

You may already have done this when you purchased the property. If you haven’t, though, it’s time to do that now! Besides any structures that add value to the property, eliminate all that has not naturally grown on the land. Get them pulled down and removed if there are building foundations or partial structures. If old tires, tracks, or larger items have been dumped on your property, have it all removed immediately.

Clear the litter and make it look as clean as possible. In comparison to a property that looks like a junkyard, people will be drawn to a cleaned up piece of land! Make sure that if you plan to burn anything on the property, you adhere to local laws. Never burn things like old tires, cables, treated or painted wood, plastics, trash, heavy oils, asphalt products, building materials, or household and agricultural chemicals. Take any of these items to a local disposal site for proper care.

Clearly Mark The Boundaries of the Land in Aliso Viejo

People would like to know what they’re buying. If it’s a wide-open area, it can be hard to show the 6 acres that you offer. It does not have to be complicated to mark the boundaries. It’s an easy way to use some 2x4s with some flag markers. Make sure the markings are right. If you’re not 100% certain, it’s best to bring it in until you can get a land surveyor to do the markings properly. You don’t want to make the land look bigger and people are surprised to find that the land is smaller than they originally thought.

Clear The Bush In Your CA Property

Even if the property has only native plants growing, a good majority of them will have to be cleared out. You don’t have to cut down trees or anything, leaving it at the new owner’s discretion. Your potential buyer should, however, be able to imagine using the property on its own. This ensures that a house or other building can be constructed. It will also enable people to see better what they are purchasing. The other side of the property can’t be seen if the view is obscured by tall shrubs! If your property does not sell immediately, you may consider hiring a company to do some upkeep on the property every few weeks!

Sell My House In Aliso Viejo CA

For you to be able to sell your house in CA faster, you can call professional home investors like Premier Property Buyers. We are your local Aliso Viejo home buyers and we offer cash for houses in California. We’re passionate people and we’re happy to help you find answers to your toughest questions about your real estate.

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