147. Sell My House By Owner Financing in Laguna Hills CA

We buy houses in Laguna Hills California. Do you own a house and consider selling? You will have access to some buyers by selling the traditional way (through an agent). But if you say, “how do I sell my house by owner financing in Laguna Hills,” then you’re making a wise choice that will give you access to so many homebuyers in CA! Continue to read and find out how…

Introduction To “Sell My House By Owner Financing In Laguna Hills CA”

When a homeowner sells their home the conventional way (through an agent), buyers are usually frequent buyers who want to get a mortgage to purchase a house they’re going to live in. There are many of these kinds of buyers in some markets, but there aren’t as many in other markets. And real estate agents typically work with these types of “pre-qualified” buyers who can obtain a loan through a bank.

This sale approach is not without its problems, however. For example, you have to wait sometimes to see if a buyer can even get financing (and sometimes the financing fails so you are obliged to keep showing your property to find another buyer).

If you want to increase the likelihood of selling your home and expand the range of potential buyers who can buy, here’s a little-known strategy you may not be aware of: selling through owner financing.

Owner financing is when a customer skips the bank and purchases from you directly. Essentially, you are the bank! You get an initial deposit, just like a bank, and then you get regular payments that pay off the amount due. You hold the title in most cases until the house is paid off entirely, and then the title is passed to the buyer.

Benefits Of Selling A House With Owner Financing In California

  • This increases the number of buyers because now you’re going to be able to find buyers who might not be able to get bank financing normally.
  • It gives you cash flow as the buyer will have to pay you regular payments (just as they would have to pay the bank on a regular basis).
  • It protects you because you still own the property, even if the buyer stops paying!
  • And unlike owning a rental, there’s not much property management as that’s going to be the buyer’s responsibility.

Sell My House In Laguna Hills CA

Wondering, “How am I selling my house by owner financing in Laguna Hills?” Start by determining how much you want your home to get every month.

There are many different ways to sell your home and we discussed how to sell with owner financing in this blog post. It’s not for everyone to sell with owner financing, but if you want more access to investors, plus some cash flow, plus plenty of security, then selling with owner financing may be right for you.

And here’s an even faster way to sell your property – you can sell your house in Laguna Hills CA to us. We are your local Laguna Hills home buyers and we offer cash for houses in California. We sometimes work out owner financing deals with sellers like you.

Just click this link now and fill out the form or call us today at (714) 475-7526.

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