76. Set Your Home Apart To Sell Easier in Lakewood CA Apart

We buy houses in Lakewood California. Are you thinking about selling your Lakewood home? Most likely, you are going to have some competition in the area. It may require some work, but in the long run, a little effort can get your home sold fast! We are homebuyers in CA and we have put together some tips on how to set your home apart when you are ready to sell in Lakewood.

Set Your Home Apart To Sell Easier In Lakewood CA

Subconsciously, your potential homebuyers will use all five senses in their decision on whether or not to make an offer on your home. So aside from you wanting the property to be visually impressive, you also have to think about what these potential buyers will have to hear, smell, taste, and touch. Remember, this is you making a first impression and the first opportunity to make buyers fall in love with your home.

What Buyers Hear In Your Lakewood Home

You may decide to play background music during open houses. If you live in a more trendy neighborhood, play something more current or pop. If there are more elderly neighbors, play the classics, big band, and the standards.

What Buyers Smell In Your California Property 

Some people can really be sensitive to smells. With that in mind, consider fragrances that are universally pleasant. Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies. Or if you use a candle or incense, keep it light and with a mild fragrance. Vanilla or Citrus are the popular choices that won’t be too harsh on your guest’s noses.

What Buyers Taste In Your Open House In CA

As mentioned, the smell of cookies or fresh bread is universally desirable. Maybe you coincidently have some cookies baking along with some other light but delicious appetizers. People may not remember the color of your crown molding, but they will surely remember the best-tasting brownie they ever ate. Consider making the open house in Lakewood more of a BBQ party by hosting it in the afternoon or cocktail party by hosting it in the evening. This will not only be memorable to your guests but will also allow them to get a sense of what living in the home will feel like.

What Buyers Touch In Your Home In Lakewood

Your potential CA home buyers may not physically touch all items in the house, but the things they would touch should feel good. The doorknobs, handles on cabinets, and faucet handles should have a good feel to them. You may also use a fluffy throw blanket on the sofa, and add oversized pillows to the bed making it look comfortable. Think of the touches you would find in a high-end hotel, and incorporate those into your home.

Sell My House In Lakewood CA

Of course, your priority should be the first things that potential buyers will see outside and upon entering your home. You should never miss these details above everything else. Mow the lawn, weed the garden and maintain it. Paint if necessary. Do the work yourself, so you could save money. Repair cracks, don’t just cover them up. Make sure the furniture is clean and dust-free. Fix your furniture and fixtures.

If you do not have time or simply don’t want to engage in any of these hassles, and just want to sell your house in Lakewood fast, you may contact Premier Property Buyers. We offer cash for houses in California and we will purchase your property as-is.

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