118. What to Fix and What to Forget After the Home Inspection in Lake Forest CA

We buy houses in Lake Forest California. After the home inspection in Lake Forest, you are likely to have made some repairs. But what are the things you would ask to repair and what are you actually supposed to take care of yourself? We are homebuyers in CA and in our latest post, we’re going to help you determine what to ask to be fixed and what items to accept as-is, after the home inspection.

What To Fix And What To Forget After The Home Inspection In Lake Forest CA

Normally you would expect only major things to be fixed when it comes to requesting repairs. Things that will adversely affect your home enjoyment. You don’t want to be too demanding on the house and miss out.

Once you move in, you don’t create a massive punch list of items to repair. Any kind of cosmetic changes should be left alone. Nonetheless, some fixes may be requested by your lender once releasing the funds.

Typically, you should expect/ask for the following to be covered with the Home Inspection in Lake Forest…

Structural Problems —  This involves foundation fractures and other items that can develop into much bigger issues. Many settlements are common and can be seen around doors and windows in small cracks. If the doors are all misaligned, though, and there are major gaps throughout, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Code Violations — The code is not enforced by a licensed home inspector, nor are they required to remain up-to-date on the rules that are continually changing. They can, however, determine whether there is a safety concern. If the county lists a home with say 3 bedrooms, you should also be suspicious, but if you look at the house, there are 4. It probably means that during construction the required permits were not taken.

Power — Electricity is a household necessity. These should be fixed before the sale is final if there are any electrical issues.

AC / Heat — Air conditioning and heat is another big need (particularly in some climates!) and functionality problems should be addressed and solved.

Plumbing — This is another biggie to be taken care of by the seller before moving-in. Problems with plumbing will cause much more harm down the road.

Pests — Before moving in, it is necessary to take care of any termite, rodent or other pest problem. Most reasonable sellers will acknowledge this!

And these should be left alone with the Home Inspection in California…

Cosmetic Flaws — While a good seller can take care of paint, carpets, and a missing baseboard, you can’t expect a seller to repair these items once the house has been put on the market.   These items are going to be remedied by the seller.

Anything Less Than $100 — It would be nice to move into a perfect home, but it will never be the case if you don’t buy new. Before you purchase it, know this. You should be ready to take care of your own minor repairs. Asking to fix these things will only make you look high-maintenance and may cause the seller to look at the next offer.

Other Minor Repairs — Don’t say that the electrical system has gone wrong because a light switch doesn’t work. Such items are often easily repaired. If you’re concerned about a bigger problem, the inspector will let you know.

Yard Maintenance — Typically the yard will be sold “as-is.” Unless there is a major safety issue (such as a massive hole in the front yard) you can’t expect the seller to make any cleaning or exterior improvements.

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The system will be “give and take” when discussing fixes following the home inspection. You can’t expect a seller to repair every aspect or acquire a property with major structural issues. Repair the big stuff with the seller, but maintain your home and take care of smaller stuff on your own!

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