96. Why Honesty And Transparency In Real Estate In Whittier CA Are Critical

We buy houses in Whittier California. We are living in a world of information. More information is available to CA home buyers, sellers and everyone in between. Having taught everyone a lesson in enhancing real estate transactions with the real estate fiasco of 2008, raising the hood and telling consumers what is involved is in your best interest. Here is why in Whittier’s real estate, honesty and transparency are important.

Why Honesty And Transparency In Real Estate In Whittier CA Are Critical

The Law Requires It In California

While many of the laws created after the real estate market collapse in 2008 are related to mortgage lending, realtors still need to be very mindful of them and follow their own rules for disclosure.

You can find yourself establishing power relationships with mortgage lenders as a real estate professional. As such, any time you give them a client, your reputation is on the line. Why? Because if they’re not absolutely honest and transparent, it’s a direct reflection on you.

Assess those with whom you choose to work and actively seek input from your clients about the transaction’s operation and thoughts. This is important to avoid any potential problems that may impact the customer relationship.

It Gives You Greater Value In Whittier

Today, many customers feel that they can do most of the work of buying a home alone. We do not understand the value of the fee of a real estate agent. We can, after all, research homes online, go to open houses, and even make a home bid, all without a real estate agent contract.

The system of moving parts of negotiation and closing a home in escrow is what they don’t understand. That’s your specialty, and they need you for that reason. It’s what you get paid for: make sure they don’t slip away from their dream home because they missed a deadline.

Take the bull by the horns and send a customized email to customers that will be sent with all new listings that meet their search parameters. Give them what they can find online already, but what this does is to keep you as the expert in mind. Ask what they like and don’t like to hone them into the perfect home.

Explain the process of purchasing a home, the access to pocket listings, and the various costs of getting into a house. Recognizing that buyers themselves can do a lot of the work does not diminish your importance. Your value lies in the process’s emotional management and the selling and escrow files ‘ maneuvering.

Consumers Are Savvy To Lies In CA

Consumers are very knowledgeable about the facts of what someone says because there is so much information available. If there seems to be something wrong, it can quickly be checked online.

If you’re a new agent, for example, don’t lie. The records of the realtor license are public information. Even sites such as Zillow list a previous year’s number of transactions registered by an agent. It does not seem fair that if they are incorrect, an agent will not change their Zillow numbers because doing so gives them more credibility.

The same applies to almost every other part of the transaction. Let them know what your relationship is when you refer customers to a specific insurance provider. Tell them if it’s your cousin. Facebook and all other social media are quick to show the facts if someone feels like they’ve been responded to as a favor, not as service quality. People will rarely reject the referral and appreciate your relationship’s heads up.

Sell My House In Whittier CA

Since real estate purchases are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and buyers in Whittier CA are anxious in the process of buying, being the cool, honest and trustworthy agent would serve you well to take your career to the next level.

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